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Let’s Share a Laugh Together and Here’s What’s Coming

Let’s Share a Laugh Together and Here’s What’s Coming

June 3, 2021

In the final episode of season 2, I'd simply like to share some funny health jokes. Some of these are stories. Some of these are simple one-liners that have been typed into patient notes. 

In addition, let me give you a heads up of what's coming this fall! 

  1. 21-day Permission to Heal boot-camps begin again on September 6th. 
  2. The Beyond the Diagnosis Mastermind (for practitioners of all backgrounds) begins this August, with doors closing on September 6th. 
  3. If you're ready to get started now and want a personalized plan based off the labs you already have, go here:

Now let's celebrate! I've been LOVING doing this podcast and I hope you've loved listening in. If you have, please share it with a friend. Then go ahead and leave a review. It's the best compliment I can receive. After you leave a review, I'd love to thank you for it. Go here and get free access to the 60-minute thyroid workshop:

I'll be back in August with a stellar lineup for season 3!

And who knows, maybe a book is coming to. Can you picture it? 

"What Your Normal Labs Really Say?"

What a “Bad” Cholesterol Panel Really Means

What a “Bad” Cholesterol Panel Really Means

June 1, 2021

Cholesterol. It's received such a bad wrap for such a long time. And if you've been dealing with chronic health concerns (whether you know what to call them or not), chances are, you've had a "bad" cholesterol panel along the way. 

Maybe your doctor threw out the term "statin." Maybe they didn't. 

Whether you're taking a statin or not, everyone needs to learn the 3 underlying causes of a "bad" cholesterol panel (aka lipid panel): 

  • blood sugar imbalances
  • inflammation
  • thyroid 

These 3 underlying causes are the reasons why I see ugly cholesterol panels in people's labs, no matter what their age. Inside, I'll share one with you. Then, I'll walk you through what her underlying causes are - based off those "normal" labs! 

If you're ready to discover what your normal labs really say, let's do it. Pick the place that's right for you: 

   1) Second Lab Opinion Consult:

   2) Start healing beyond the diagnosis inside the membership:

P.S. This week we are finishing up season 2 of this podcast. I'm so grateful you've joined me! I'll be back with a loaded list of guests in August. 

Upcoming events: the 21-day challenges will be rocking again on September 6th. 

If you're a practitioner, I've got a mastermind coming for you! We begin in August. Stay tuned for details and the links to join us. 

Throw the Scale Out The Window

Throw the Scale Out The Window

May 27, 2021

I've had so many conversations about weight and weight loss, and the inability to lose weight that an episode like this needed to occur. 

Inside, I'm joined by two remarkable women with their own health stories. They'll share with you how they went from always wanting to lose weight - to truly loving themselves - what I want for every woman listening in.  

First, Lindsay Rae is a photographer, but ultimately, a Body Image Activist. She helps women overcome their fears of being in the spotlight by showing them their body is truly beautiful - no matter what the size, shape, or how many stretch marks you have. 

Topics her and I discuss include: 

  • Where are you holding your stress?
  • Set boundaries = self confidence = be present and exist in the moment 
  • Embrace age. It's knowledge. 
  • Being brave means you're afraid but you do it anyways. 

To learn more about her and to book your photography session, go to:

Second, Lisa Dahl teaches you how to listen and trust your body. She is a non-diet intuitive eating health coach who wants you to Stop Restricting and Start Living. 

Learn more about Lisa here:

Come inside and feel empowered as I challenge you to THROW THE SCALE OUT THE WINDOW! When you take on the challenge, tag me: Dr. Kylie

We are in this together!

Behind the Numbers: Chronic Fatigue

Behind the Numbers: Chronic Fatigue

May 25, 2021

Chronic fatigue is the #1 complaint I help patients overcome. When I ask people if I could wave a wand and eliminate 3 health concerns, what would they be? Chronic fatigue is ALWAYS one of them. 

So I'd like to take you behind the numbers once again because it's a powerful learning tool. 

Just like this remarkable mom, you have the answers - you just need the right person reading those "normal" labs! Dive inside and see what her numbers say. 

Also learn: 

  • Why vitamin D is the place to start.
  • Yes, detox is important for optimal health. But it's not the ONLY cause of ill-health. 
  • Our health is more than what we put in our mouth and when. 

She learned the cause of her chronic fatigue (even after being a patient to several other well-known doctors beforehand.) 

You can too.

Let's get started with either of these 2 options: 

Second Lab Opinion Consult:

Become a member of the HBD Tribe:

Let's celebrate your success next!


All Things Hormones (Part 3)

All Things Hormones (Part 3)

May 20, 2021

Lab testing for hormones. What's accurate? What's not? What markers should you be requesting? All these answers and more inside. 

Besides hormones, what lab testing do I recommend? I always get asked what lab tests I would order if I had the ideal panel. I'll tell you inside. Plus, I'll share with you the GOLDEN lab test (it's probably not what you think it is).

For your information, if I were to order the "ideal" hormone panel, it would be from ZRT (a lab company out of Oregon). The samples would be a blood spot (finger prick) and saliva testing. The panels include: female hormone profile 1, cardiometabolic panel, and always add vit D. 

Loving what you're learning? I'd love to know. A review and/or referral are the best compliments I can get. In fact, I'd like to thank you for a review. Once you leave it, head over to and receive the 60 minute workshop for free, on me. 

All Things Hormones (Part 2)

All Things Hormones (Part 2)

May 18, 2021

What results are people seeing inside the Healing Beyond the Diagnosis Tribe? What results are happening when you get a personalized supplement plan based off your "normal" labs and how you feel? Let me share a few success stories with you. 

Then let's dive into the topic of HORMONES, again. 

  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis 
  • Ablations
  • Birth Control
  • And more of your questions answered

When you're ready to start getting real results, follow this plan and you'll get them: 

   Step #1: 

   Step #2: 

Let's celebrate your success next. Talk soon. 

All Things Hormones (Part 1)

All Things Hormones (Part 1)

May 13, 2021

Hormones. We all have. We all curse them - at some point in our life. Let's make sense of these things. There are more answers than: 

  • You have low T - so take Testosterone (not a fan!) 
  • You have irregular periods - so take birth control (not a fan!)
  • You have heavy and painful periods - so it's either birth control (which makes things worse) or hysterectomy. There's way to fix this and stop allowing your period to push pause to life. 
  • Menopause - it just sucks. It doesn't need to.

All your hormone questions, answered. 

But don't just blame your hormones. Usually, there's something underlying, causing the hormone chaos. 

Don't just blame your thyroid either. It's only 1 gland in an entire system and your body is made up of multiple systems that impact each other. 

Be sure to follow along and share this with your friends so they don't miss part 2.

Do you have questions? Come ask them and join the conversation on FB:

Are you ready to start healing beyond the diagnosis?

What They’re Not Telling You About Lyme Disease

What They’re Not Telling You About Lyme Disease

May 11, 2021

Lyme Disease Testing. Did you know you could flip a coin and get just as good of results as standard testing? Yep! It's only 50% sensitive - meaning 50% of the time it'll catch the culprit, the other 50% of the time it doesn't. 

This is just 1 thing they're not telling you about Lyme Disease and Lyme testing. There is better testing available, WAY BETTER, and Dr. Greg is going to teach you. 

Join Dr. Greg and I as we share the truth about Lyme Disease and more. Including: 

  • Understanding the immune system 
  • Infections and they're powerful effect 
  • Can infections disrupt your hormones
  • what you need to know about MOLD 

Ready to jump in and get started on your health? Schedule your free consult with Dr. Greg at DrGreg.Health

Start healing beyond the diagnosis inside the HBD Tribe today:

Cracking the Myths and Facts About Our Genes

Cracking the Myths and Facts About Our Genes

May 6, 2021

Can you control your genes? I believe so. Michelle Gottfried, a nutrigenomic specialist, does too. But there's lot of myths and facts around our genes and the testing that's now available. We are here to sort through the myths and facts about 3 topics: 

  1. MTHFR - have you heard of it? It's become a hot topic. Inside is what you need to know about your B vitamins and taking "methylated b" supplements. 
  2. Why is pee bright yellow when you're taking supplements? 
  3. Multivitamins - myths and facts about them. I'm not a fan. Nor, is Michelle. Let us teach you why. 

Want to learn more? Visit Michelle's website:

Are you ready to start healing beyond the diagnosis? Come join the HBD Tribe:

Interested in having me read your labs and provide a personalized supplement plan? You can now get started with it here:

Let's start celebrating your success next!

Mindset Shifts You Gotta Make

Mindset Shifts You Gotta Make

May 4, 2021

Stuck in a rut? You won't be after listening in on this emotional release and mindset session with coach Jen Poulson. 

She helps you remove inner barriers so you can be successful - whatever "success" is defined as to you. 

Need some new affirmations? She's got some good ones for you! I highly recommend you listen to this as you're falling asleep. Let the affirmations play over and over in your mind. It'll change your subconscious. 

Did you know your subconscious makes 95% of your decisions? Your subconscious mind is THAT important. 

Go join Jen on her podcast: Journey podcast with Jen Poulson

Also find her on her website: 

Are you ready to start healing beyond the diagnosis? Come join the membership where Jen joins us LIVE every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month for continual sessions just like this. Go here to learn more and become and HBD Tribe member:


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