Beyond the Diagnosis with Dr. Kylie

127: Become Your Own Health Hero

May 31, 2022

After suffering from multiple health issues, including rectal bleeding, two separate skin issues, chronic acid indigestion and surgery to remove one of his organs due to serious digestive issues, Tim knew something had to change. 

But it was only after watching his closest ones die of cancer and the untimely death of his younger brother that he finally decided to take action. Tim’s journey led him to a shocking discovery which helped his friend beat cancer and transform every area of his life. Feeling charged with a duty to help others he started sharing his knowledge with anyone that would listen. 

This led him to producing his own chemical free food products and Chemical Free Body was born.

We discuss:

  • Tim's near-death experience and how this changed his life
  • How Tim's friend beat his "incurable" cancer
  • Things you definitely didn't know about your colon that is impacting your health
  • The common toxins in your environment and how they're impacting your health
  • How you can have a Chemical Free Body
  • And so much more!

Connect with Tim Pick a savings bundle and use the code "DRKYLIE" for an additional 5% off.

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